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Metzner Alchemical Divination



Metzner Alchemical Divination
Metzner Alchemical Divination

Metzner Alchemical Divination Training Program

Divination is practiced in many traditions and is generally recognized as a process of obtaining intuitive spiritual insight. In essence, it involves a structured inquiry into questions of the past (for healing and resolving problems) or the future (for visioning and obtaining guidance). Alchemy is the ancient art and science of elemental transformation, which in modern times was re-interpreted by C.G. Jung and his followers as psychospiritual transformation using symbolic or imaginal processes.

Combining these two ancient traditions with a unique blend of contemporary depth psychology and shamanistic spirituality, the Metzner Alchemical Divination practices are rooted in:

  • The transformational teachings of psychospiritual alchemy
  • Core East-West teachings of humans as multi-dimensional Beings of Light
  • Shamanistic principles and practices of connecting with the spirits of nature
  • A scientific systems worldview describing the interconnected Web of Life

The purpose of these divinations is to help individuals obtain deeper experiential understanding, problem resolution and visionary inspiration for their life path in its intrapsychic, interpersonal, professional, creative and spiritual dimensions. Participants in the Metzner Alchemical Divination training program can expect to:

  • Gain greater theoretical understanding of the psychology of transformation, as described in spiritual and esoteric traditions and in the mythologies of ancient cultures, as well as the perspectives of transpersonal psychology, depth psychology and ecological systems thinking
  • Learn yogic meditative techniques of channeling light-fire, toning, and breathing to amplify awareness, sensitize perception, purify the human energy field and navigate through ordinary and non-ordinary states of consciousness
  • Benefit from the divinations personally as well as learn how to conduct divination ceremonies with individuals and in groups, as well as learn methods for integrating the insights and changes generated from the divinations into life and practice using methods such as drawing, expressive movement, sounding and storytelling

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Metzner Alchemical Divination
Metzner Alchemical Divination