Metzner Alchemical Divination

Metzner Alchemical Divination
Metzner Alchemical Divination

MAD Workshop Details

The Metzner Alchemical Divination® training is offered in three 5-day modular workshops, that can be taken in any sequence. In these workshops, participants will experience the divinations for themselves as well as light-fire purifying energy meditations (Agni Yoga); and they will practice guiding them for others in dyads and small groups.

Please note: The divinations are educational and are not intended as a form of psychotherapy or treatment for any conditions.

The three workshops include the following divinations and associated energy practices:

Janus and the Gateway of the Heart

  • Mapping your Self-System and Life-World of Relations (how you experience the basic relations with beings and places in your world)
  • Finding your Orientation and Inner Direction (what the basic choices are facing you at this time in your life)
  • Releasing Fear Blocks on Receiving and Expressing (how you can open up to increased resources and energy flow for your creativity)
  • Connecting and Reconciling with your Ancestors (how you can heal and strengthen the soul-relations with your ancestral family lines)
  • The Six Archetypal Life-paths of the Human Soul (how you are uniquely blending the six basic life-paths of healer, explorer, warrior, artist, communicator and builder)

Hermes and the Vessel of Transformation

  • Mapping your Self-System and Life-World of Relations
  • Relationship Disentanglement Divination (learning  how to disengage from relationship patterns that obstruct your growth)
  • Envisioning Possible/Probable Futures (developing conscious foresight & forethought in the areas work, creativity, spiritual growth, relationship, family, community and the Earth).
  • Reconciling with the Inner Enemy or Shadow (and turning him, her or it into a friend or ally in the processes of integration; read ch. 6 of The Unfolding Self)
  • Medicine Wheel of the Life Cycle  (learning how to work with the Inner Wise Child, the Anima and Animus, and the Inner Elder, as spirit guides to counsel you on your deepest questions).

Mimir and the Well of Memory

  • Mapping your Self-System and Life-World of Relations
  • Finding and Connecting with your Spirit Guide (learning how to work with your inner wise counselor)
  • Memory Divination for the Formative Years (working with the Well of Memory to track formative influences and resolve blockages from your twenties, adolescence, childhood,  infancy and birth)
  • The Imprints of Conception and the Visions of the Soul (reviewing the prenatal period, the parental imprints of conception and the visions of the Soul Council that guides your life)
  • The Tree of Self-Unfoldment (tracing and mapping the roots, trunk, branches, leaves, flowers and fruit of the Tree of Your life; read ch 10 of The Unfolding Self)

Each of the three workshops also includes a number yogic-alchemical light-fire practices, designed to clear the perception channels, for the divinations.

Participants who successfully complete all three workshops obtain a Certificate of Completion.

Other Workshop Details


Summary The shadow is the name given in Jungian psychology to a kind of psychic complex of unacceptable feelings and impulses that functions as an inner opponent, blocking growth and full expression of our true self. In this workshop we learn to use the alchemical divination methods—processes of structured intuitive inquiry—to recognize and integrate this elusive inner adversary. In doing so, we tap into unexpected reservoirs of self-knowledge and creativity, clearing space to connect with a true spirit guide (in human, animal or hybrid form), who can show us the pathways to liberation and become an ongoing ally.

We will work shamanically with guided inner journeys, in which rhythmic rattling and drumming supports the process of concentration and tracking. We will learn to work with practices of light-fire yoga, to purify and clarify perceptions and dissolve energy blockages. Methods of integrative drawing and practice guiding others in dyads and triads, give these methods immediate applicability in work, relationships, creativity and spiritual growth.

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Each of us, as a human soul, incarnates by choice with a purpose, mission or vision for this life – “what we came here to do or to be.” The soul chooses one or more of six great archetypal paths or fields of action in society, in which to express its qualities and realize its vision: the Healer/Peacemaker, the Explorer/Scientist, the Warrior/Guardian, the Artist/Visionary, the Teacher/Communicator, and the Builder/Organizer. All are variants of the basic life-path of service to others, to Spirit and to the Earth. Each path has its characteristic disciplines and each its characteristic initiations. In this workshop we will be using alchemical, yogic and shamanic divination methods to identify your major life-paths, and the challenges and opportunities associated with it. We will work in small groups to discuss how we’ve expressed our soul’s vision in the different stages of life, when we’ve lost our way, and when we changed direction. We will practice guided meditations to access the imprints of conception – how the coming together of your parents and yourself is related to your soul’s vision for this life. Patterns of karmic indebtedness intersect with the realization of the soul’s vision. Integrative drawing will be used to express our emergent understanding of these underlying spiritual currents in our life.

Metzner Alchemical Divination
Metzner Alchemical Divination